Living Room Furniture

How to Decorate Your Living Room in Modern Style

There is absolutely no denying that a modern style of home design is prevalent. A lot of the modern home designs are simple, soothing and relaxing. The colors are comforting, the abundance of natural lighting and modern furniture are the main reasons why many people love a modern home design, because it is a perfect place for us to rest and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. So, how to decorate your living room in modern style? Keep reading.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the key to a modern style home design. To use the natural lighting as much as we want could make your home feels bright and relaxing. To support this purpose, you will see many large windows in the house, so there will be a lot more sunlight entering the room. To make everything stays simple as in minimalist style, try to avoid a thick curtain.

Clean Lines

One thing you could tell if you look at the modern home designs is that one of the modern home details is the abundance of clean lines. There are clean lines everywhere. So it’s better to choose furniture that has straight lines. Those clean lines are designed to keep our living room stays simple.

Neutral Colors

All the neutral colors, such as black, white, gray and beige is a color that makes us calm, it’s easier to stay with these colors when we design the room. But, if you want a pop of bright and contrasting color to make your room feels more playful, you can add some home textiles with bright contrasting, such as throw pillows and small carpet to your living room.

Other Colors

If you want to design your living room without using the neutral colors, you can pick some pastel colors to add, such as green and aqua. Stay away from the combination of contrasting colors, like red and yellow. However, it is okay to use other shades of different colors, like the blue one for example.


Apart from the details I write above, the texture is also important. Wooden furniture probably is a favorite choice of many people, while the metal furniture is also a good one for those who want to keep a little bit cooler atmosphere to their room. Adding some textiles is also a good idea; the fluffy throw pillows will make your home feel warmer.

Create Your Own Style

Designing a room in modern style doesn’t always mean that you need to stick to all those rules I said above. You certainly could create your own style and add your own signature, like having a chair with animal visual, or a bohemian flower vase. You don’t have limitation to try at mixing any things to your home in a modern style.

A modern styled living room is nice to see and feel. You do want to be in one, so just use your creativity and starts designing your room to your heart’s content.